20 - 22 August 2020, PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA
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Exhibitor Profiles

At Aqua Fisheries Cambodia Expo, exhibitors and visitors alike can look forward to a complete range of products, services and solutions:


Frozen, salted, smoked, dried, surimi, sea

vegetables, processed products (sea salt, sushi, fried, canned food, natural seasoning)

Fishing Articles

Fishing pole, fishing line, fishing reel, fish hook, float, bait fishing articles, paste bait, stand, fishing clothes, etc. Other business line concerned serving the seafood industry, institute, quality control

Marine Biotechnology

Marine bio new materials, high functional materials made with veterinary and marine life, cosmetics, health functional products, feed for aquaculture, fish medication, research achievements, marine resources application products

Fisheries Equipment

Seafood processing machinery, fishing gear, fishing nets, fishing vessel equipment,

Aquaculture facilities, HACCP facilities

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